A Sunny Seaside and a Scottish Moor

Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre's upcoming rep productions of Twelfth Night and Macbeth couldn't be more different, but I am delighted to be doing movement work with their versatile casts. Twelfth Night promises some delightful polkas and dreamy seaside tableaus. On the bloodier front, I've been working closely with the remarkable Julia Ray, Elise Hudson, and Sarah Stryker to create a specific physical vocabulary for their ancient magicks.

Bunny Battle!

Production meetings are beginning for Simpatico's collaboration with Drexel University to bring Richard Adams’ classic Watership Down to the stage. As movement director I will be working with director Allen Radway to help the actors create a physical life that endows these characters with the gorgeous anthropomorphic qualities that Adams captures in the novel. In service of that aim, here is a ridiculous youtube video of two rabbits fighting, set to heavy metal music. Enjoy!